Why Consumers Need to Give Nike Another Look

Nike is a company many know for their “Just Do It” slogan, but what numerous individuals don’t realize is the company doesn’t just use the slogan as a marketing tool. They actually live it, by remaining committed to increasing community connections that are stronger and Nike promo codes by working to build social change that is positive in every part of the globe. They do so through a number of programs, such as the Designed to Move program and the Let’s Move! Active Schools program. Individuals purchasing from this company help great programs such as this continue.

A community of private, public and civil sector groups have jointed together to create the Designed to Move program. The goal of this program is to overcome the growing problem of physical inactivity in children, a problem that appears to be worsening. The program works to get kids up and moving, while making physical activity a part of their daily life. Nike led the movement to determine where the problem of physical activity originates and what can be done about it and has now been joined by more than 70 organizations in this effort.


The Let’s Move! Program functions to bring physical education back into all schools. Many parents fail to realize that only six states mandate physical education as part of the curriculum for every grade, and only one in five school districts call for daily recess. As a result, two out of every three children aren’t getting the physical activity they need, yet research consistently shows children who are active do better. Nike is taking part in this program to ensure kids get up and moving, as it benefits them in every area of life.

Individuals wishing to purchase items from this company will find Nike coupons (https://www.facebook.com/NikePromoCodes/app_170104573041662) to be of great help. Every dime saved means a dime towards the purchase of an additional product. In addition, consumers know the items they obtain from this company are of the highest quality, thus they will last for an extended period of time. This is of importance also, as Nike is committed to sustainable practices. Check out these coupons and promo codes today, so you can get the items you want and need at great prices.


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